Factchecks are our bread-and-butter, but sometimes you need more detail. Watchdog’s longform pieces are deep dives that help you understand the complex legal, political, and infrastructure issues that shape life in this country.

Lovingly produced by our team in English, සිංහල and தமிழ், backed up with data, exploring the how and why, best consumed when you have thirty minutes to spare and a cup of tea on hand.

Special Reports

Food and Agriculture


In which we explore how food gets onto our plates, as well as the dangerous narratives and the disastrous policy decisions that led us to where we are today.

The Infrastructure Crises


In which we cover the multiple failures of national systems causes by a collapsing economy, from electricity to healthcare.

The Economic Crisis


In which our resident economist explores the multi-decade reasons behind Sri Lanka’s default, examining trade, taxation and national income. Most recent articles are on top.

With supplementary reporting on developments such as forced dollar conversions and the special goods and services tax.

💻 Data Projects

Sometimes a story isn’t enough. Sometimes we have to build software. Meet our data projects; visualisations, archives, tools, and more.

💬 Ask Watchdog

Frequently asked questions about the Sri Lankan crisis - and our answers.


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