Data Projects

Data Projects

Sometimes a story isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s best to present the data first. Meet our data projects; visualisations, archives, and more.

Corruption in Sri Lanka: An Overview

How do we understand corruption in Sri Lanka? What does it look like when we move away from anecdotes and look at the big picture? We set out to explain in a few simple charts.

The #GoHomeGota Protest Tracker

Using crowdsourced data and painstaking geolocation, we built a visualization of hundreds of protests. This project has been used by Reuters, Roar, DailyMirror and others to understand the growth of the anti-government protest movement in Sri Lanka since April 1 2022.

How to donate to the Sri Lankan medical crisis

We built a piece of software to help track the shortages of medicines and equipment across the country. Use it to understand what’s hardest hit, and donate what’s needed!

Surveys and crowdsourced data

These are data collection experiments that we’ve run to explore various phenomena. We typically publish these datasets once we’re done with that particular article. Feel free to use the data, but do credit us and backlink if you do.
Pickme / Uber delays, Jan 2022
Powercuts, January 2022

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